The Mithraic Agenda (4019.06.23)
"Ave Mithras Chrestus Aristus!" Read More

The Heptaspenta (4019.06.22)
A traditional Zoroastrian list of seven aspects of God, updated for Western Mithraism. Read More

A Zorochristian Trinity (4019.06.22)

Iranocatholic Mithraism (4019.06.21)
A possible variety of modern Mithraism Read More

Western Mithraic Trinity (4019.06.17)

Zoroastrian Christianity (4019.06.05)
Overview - 5th June 2019 Read More

Runic variations on the Logos (4019.06.03)
The word LOGOS had various meanings in Greek philosophy. In the modern 'Zartiruna' we distinguish four separate concepts related to the word: Read More

Zartochrestianism (4019.05.23)
Overview of Zartochrestianism - 23rd May 2019 Read More

Zoroastrian Christianity (4019.05.14)
Overview - 14th May 2019 Read More

Zoroastrian Christian (4019.05.13)
Overview - 13th May 2019 Read More

The Mithraic Era (4019.04.15)
Why does the Mithraic Era start in 2000 BC? Read More

Names of Mithras (4019.04.14)
A list of the names of Mithras. Read More

Ashavid by Eric Dryden (4019.04.05)
A quick review of Eric Dryden's book about Asha and Zoroastrianism. Read More

Western Mithraic Pantheon (4019.04.01)
Elaborating a Mithraic Polytheism Read More

Mithraic Easter (4019.03.20)
The spring equinox is the Mithraic Easter Read More

Irano-Roman Polytheism (4019.03.14)
Some suggestions for a popular polytheistic form of Western Mithraism. Read More

Western Mithraic Religion (4019.03.13)
Should Western Mithraism be a full popular religion with a polytheistic side to it? Read More

Varieties of Mithraism (4019.02.21)
Some proposed denominations of the future world Mithraism. Read More

Universal Chrestic Mithraism (4019.02.21)
An overview of Universal Chrestic Mithraism. Read More

Romano-Chrestic Mithraism (4019.02.21)
An overview of Romano-Chrestic Mithraism - our latest attempt at developing a framework for a modern Western Mithraism. Read More