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Western Mithraists are recommended to recognise the spring equinox (typically the 21st March) as the 'Mithraic Easter' alongside Iranians who are celebrating Nowruz at this time.

In Latin perhaps we might call this the festival of Nova Vita (New Life). It is a time to celebrate the defeat of darkness by the light and the new life that is coming into being.

Pehaps it is appropriate to use this time particularly to mark Mithras' sacrifice of the heavenly bull , and the life that springs from this.

Alternatively it could be seen as a time to celebrate Anhita - the Divine Lady - in her role as mother of new life.

We can also make a connection between Eostre/Ostara who is the goddess of the dawn with Mithras who is associated with the first light of day in Iranian lore.

This song by a Wiccan singer seems somehow relevant to me.