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This is work in progress, but these are my current thoughts for an Irano-Roman pantheon.

We worship three principle gods which are Mithras, Virdius and Anhita.

MITHRAS is the Good Lord and has three personas:

1. MITHRAS SANCUS - who is the god of oaths and treaties and more generally the guardian of all the divine commandments that uphold good religious practice and the good society.

2. MITHRAS APOLLINUS - who is a more shamanistic figure, a god of spiritual understanding and of healing.

3. MITHRAS CHRESTUS - who is filled with the concern for the well-being of people, and does good works in their service.

VIRDIUS is VIR DIVUS - the Divine Man

Virdius has lots of possible personas, however typically we single out seven personas to pay attention to. Perhaps there is no need for every Mithraist to have the same list of seven, but I make a selection here to get started.

1. VIRDIUS MARTIUS - The persona of martial ability - the ability to break through resistance in pursuit of a goal.

2. VIRDIUS MERCURIUS - helps in crossing boundaries and going outside the norm - a god of travellers and conspiracy theorists?

3. VIRDIUS VULCANUS - helps in the manipulation of physical fire and energy - responsible for power plants and weapons of mass destruction.

4. VIRDIUS BACCHUS - helps us lose restraint and get in touch with our instinctive nature - a god of partying

5. VIRDIUS NEPTUNUS - a god of the sea, who is perhaps also responsible for rainfall and weather?

6. VIRDIUS SAPIENS - a possible new male god of wisdom

7. VIRDIUS FABER - a possible new god of craft - responsible for all the produced things we need in our lives.

ANHITA is the Divine Lady and also has seven major personas:

1. ANHITA FLUMINA (or Fluona) - a goddess of the pure flowing river, seen as the source of life

2. ANHITA DIANA - goddess of wild nature - keeps us in contact with the natural world

3. ANHITA CERES - producer of food and medicine

4. ANHITA MINERVA - provider of wisdom

5. ANHITA VESTA - goddess of the home fire and home-making , guardian of the good functioning of the family and community life

6. ANHITA MARIA - provides maternal protection and shelter

7. ANHITA CHRESTA - helps those in need , counterpart to Mithras Chrestus


A Mithraic religious community should maintain three religious fires:

1. HOME FIRE - representing the life of the family and community, we feed the fire with wholesome offerings as we need to feed the family and community likewise. ANHITA VESTA is the patron goddess.

2. VICTORIOUS FIRE/DEFENSIVE FIRE - representing the dealing of the community with the outside world. We feed this fire that we may be strong and expand, and be protected from attack. VIRDIUS MARTIUS is the main patron god, though perhaps ANHITA MARIA also helps alongside.

3. RIGHTEOUS FIRE - representing the Good Order in the world. MITHRAS is the patron god (and perhaps especially MITHRAS APOLLINUS).

Marcus Zartianus
Early April 4019/2019