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This is a Zoroastrian bible for Westerners. It is highly readable, starting off more like a story than a scholarly text. Yet it gives plenty of information about the Zoroastrian tradition and includes a full translation of the Gathas (Zoroaster's own teachings) as well as extracts from other traditional prayers and scriptures. It must be said though that the author is a 'racial realist' and some of the writing might strike the modern reader as a bit old fashioned or even distasteful. Nevertheless there is a lot of good information here, and it is presented in a very accessible way.

"Extending from the dawn of Creation to the present, Ashavid, by Eric Dryden, is both a religious manifesto and an inspired scholarly narrative. Ashavid focuses on the ancient Nordic Indo-Europeans and the divine revelation of their prophet, Zarathustra-the first to proclaim the one Creator God and to reveal the spiritual and ethical path leading to both a good earthly life and eternal life. It describes ancient West Asia's ethnic and cultural transformations, the corruptions of Zarathustra's Ashavid doctrine, and the Indo-Europeans' genetic and cultural adulterations resulting from their migrations into alien lands. It discusses the Indo-Europeans' merger with Old Europe's sub-races to form the Nordkind people and the threats to Nordkind's survival in our own era. Ashavid is an eye-opening epic for European-descended men and women who seek to live in harmony with the divinely-created Natural Law called Asha."

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