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The Mithraic Era starts 2000 years before the Christian Era. This is the end of the astronomical age of Taurus and the beginning of the age of Aries. When Mithras kills the bull of heaven this can be interpreted as the ending of the 'wild' age of Taurus, and the beginning of a more civilised Mithraic Era. This date also roughly matches up to our first historical references to Mithra.

Some modern Zoroastrians consider the beginning of the age of Aries as the date of the birth of Zoroaster (or when he begins to teach). Although there is considerable uncertainty as to when Zoroaster lived, this lends authority to the idea that this marker is significant.

Also I think it is an advantage having a calendar that is exactly 2000 years in advance of the Christian Era. It means it is easy to use for anybody used to Christian dating, and thus more likely be used in earnest.

Marcus Zartianus, 4019 ME