The Creation


In the beginning there was the CELESTIUM - a realm of pure ideas outside normal time and space in which lived MAZDA CELESTIA - the Celestial Wisdom - Queen of Heaven.

Mazda Celestia got bored with her life in the unchanging Celestium and gave birth to ARKUS ZURVANUS - Lord of Time and Space - the Divine Emperor.

Arkus Zurvanus created MANANGUM (mental or spiritual substance) and ASTAVATUM ('bony' or physical substance) and entwined them together and set them in motion in Time. This was the GATUM or Living World.

Arkus Zurvanus produced three beings within the Gatum:

First was the TANUS GATI - the body of the living world - a being of the Astavatum.

Second was the URVAN GATI - the soul of the living world - a being of the Manangum who worked with energy and moved the Tanus Gati.

Third was the MENTUS GATI - the mind of the living world - a being who worked with ideas and patterns and who was designated the protector of the Urvan Gati.

Lastly Arkus Zurvanus set his son ARKUS GATI - the Lord of the Living world - to rule over the three beings he had created.

Now the Arkus Zurvanus was a child of Mazda Celestia - Queen of Heaven and something of Mazda Celestia could be seen in the structure of the Gatum. This awakened within the Mentus Gati a consciousness of Mazda Celestia although he had never met her in her pure being and Mentus Gati yearned for her and reached out to her. As he strived towards Mazda Celestia so was born a daughter of Mazda Celestia within the Gatum who was MAZDA GATI - Worldly-Embodied Wisdom.

With the birth of Mazda Gati arose a new realm above the Gatum which was purer than the Gatum and this was the SUPERGATUM. The Supergatum became the home of Mazda Gati and of other supernatural beings that were her children and grandchildren. However the life of the Supergatum was in parallel to the life of the Gatum and it seemed that the gods moved back and forth between the Gatum and Supergatum.

Now there arose in the Supergatum two opposing powers:

The best of these was the ASHURA who sought to order the world into a state of ASHA or rightness or best-order for the BIOTHALIA or flourishing of life.

The worst of these was the DREGGOR or Devil who caused DREG or deviation to all the plans of the Ashura so that there was conflict and misery in the Living World.

Each of these two powers was attended by spirits who worked for them.

The chief spirit on the side of the Ashura was SPENTAMAN - the Life-Producing Spirit or Benevolent Spirit.

The chief spirit on the side of the Dreggor was ANGRAMAN - the Life-Destroying Spirit or Malevolent Spirit.

While at first the Mentus Gati was primitive and not able to work to its full potential in time it evolved and became stronger. In this later age was born the HOMBIOS - Human Being or Mankind.

Now Arkus Gati ruled the living world. Arkus Gati ruled all aspects of life and though they were all part of the one Arkus it seemed that there were many beings at work - each ruler of a different domain - and these we call the ARKONs. It is possible to distinguish many Arkons but often we choose 12 Arkons in particular to venerate for we think that there should be 12 Arkons ruling the Earth just as there are 12 constellations ruling the night sky through the course of the year.

Arkus Gati is not a dictator who rules independently of the different individual minds in the world who make up the Mentus Gati. Rather Arkus Gati hears the different voices clamouring for attention and finds the balance. However if some coalition of voices shouts louder than the other then Arkus will favour them whether their cause is just or not.

Now Mankind had two divine beings which held the most attraction for them:

One was KRESTUS - the Good One - who was filled with Spentaman - the Benevolent Spirit - and championed what was best for the general good.

The other was SATAN - the Selfish One - who was filled with Angraman - the Malevolent Spirit - and encouraged each person to seek their own pleasure alone disregarding how this might affect the well-being of anybody else.

Unlike the Ashura and Dreggor, Krestus and Satan were not precise opposites of each other in their intentions (for Satan at least wanted something good for those who worshipped him). Yet Krestus and Satan were incompatible in their natures and were mortal enemies and the war between Krestus and Satan came to dominate the Living World especially in the affairs of Mankind.

Now Krestus appeared in many forms in the world of Men for at different times and with different people a different form of Krestus would suit them best.

However in the modern age among the Irano-Europeans it is Mithra-Krestus who is emerging as the leading Champion of the Good.

Marcus Zartianus
April 4017
(amended twice)