Entus, Arkus and Entons


ENTUS is the World-Being. It is the activity of the ANGUM or world.

ARKUS is the World-Ruler. It is the aspect of the ENTUS or World-Being which shapes its future course.

ENTONs are individual beings whose activity and interactions make up the Entus. They are natural beings and opposed to divine beings. Entons can also be called Ents in English.

Some Ents are BIENTONs or living beings that have a single physical body that we can see.

Other Ents are SOCIENTONs or social beings. These are beings that are made up of lots of BIENTONs working in collaboration with each other. (All human associations, groups and organisations are Socients).

Ents can be categorised in lots of ways but three traditional ones are:

GIGENTONs - These are Ents which are huge in size in comparison to a human being. Gigents rarely attack humans deliberately, but they carry on their life oblivious of their effect on humans. So you need to watch out for them.

EDENTONs - These are Ents that eat away at other Ents. This may kill them, or it may just destroy their integrity so that they cannot function at full potential.

ARKENTONs - These are Ents that rule over other Ents. They are not usually all-powerful but they are able to impose their will on others and influence their activity. Arkents can be individual human beings, but very often they are Socients or social groups.

Marcus Zartianus, Sept 4017 ME,