Zurvan - the Time Lord

Zurvan is the senior god of the Mitravian trinity: Zurvan, Mazda and Mithra.

Zurvan is the Lord of Time, He is ultimately responsible for everything that happens in time, everything that is process, everything that is alive, everything that really exists.

It is Zurvan who created what moderns call the space-time continuum - the substrate of existence - the realm of matter and mind in motion. And it is Zurvan who is continuously recreating the world - moment by moment - according to what came before and the choices of the world-mind.

Zurvan is known in the Anglophone West as Father Time. However Zurvan is not like a human father , for he has no concern for the individual life. Zurvan is like the Emperor driven by Real Politik. He seeks to balance the various political forces at work in his realm, without any independent moral purpose of his own.

In the Gospel of Zarathustra though we hear the Good News about Zurvan. Zurvan may be extremely cruel at times, but he is not an arbitrary despot. Rather he dispenses strictly according to the law of existence - and this is a law that we humans have the potential to understand and use to our advantage, and if we are Mithraists - to the advantage of the whole world-soul.

Marcus Zartianus
October 4017 ME