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Western Mithraism FB Group
This is our largest forum and is for those interested in developing a specifically European or Western form of Mithraism. Some members have an interest in historic Roman Mithraism, and some in European traditional paganism or other alternative traditions.

Zoroastrian Gnostic FB Group
Gnostic and conventional Christianity
in the light of the Zoroastrian legacy

Universal Mithraism FB Group
Eastern Mithraism of the Iranian world

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Christian Mithraism

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Traditional Zoroastrianism

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Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord
Western Zoroastrian Mazdaism
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Reconstructing Roman Mithraism

Studying Roman Mithraism

Academic Conference on Mithraism

Mithraismus Deutschland - Facebook
For German-speaking Mithraists