Agathon is the concept of the supreme Good.

Aion-Zurvan is the Foundation of Time and Activity which underlies all things.

Tyche is the manager of the activity that happens in Aion-Zurvan


The yazata are a class of gods. Foremost are Zeus and Sophia, who provide the functions of order and wisdom. Their seven children are Mithras, Anhita, Vaius, Venus, Faber, Hestia and Apollo. Foremost of the children is Mithras who seeks Agathon and is a leader of his siblings. Zeus and Sophia are like King and Queen, important, but difficult to approach. Mithras is like a prince who is more approachable, and who has some aspect of the character of each of his siblings, making him an all-rounder. It is Mithras who goes to war in defence of the Agathon.

Senior Magi

The three wizards regarded as the foremost teachers of the Agathon are: Zoroaster,Plato and Aristotle.

Ritual Fires

The Fire of Mithras is the Ritual Fire of World Order, tended to by men.

The Fire of Hestia is the Ritual Home Fire, tended to by women.


Runes are more abstract concepts we pay attention to.


There are a range of festival dates that are important such as Ostara, Mithrakana and Yalda.

Ave Mithra Chreste Ariste!

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