New ideas - June 4017

RE: Yazdan Trinity, Three Mentalities, Saintly Trinity, Ages


YAZDA means what we worship - i.e. GOD. The Yazdan or Divine Trinity explains what we mean by YAZDA or GOD.

1) ZURVAN is the Lord of Time and Space and is the cause of all that actually exists whether good or bad.

2) MAZDA is the force of Wisdom which has knowledge of ARTA - the Law of relationship between things - in order to create particular results. MAZDA creates everything in the world which has integrity. However MAZDA can create things which do harm as well as those which do good.

3) MITHRA is the Good Power who always seeks out what leads to BIOTHALIA or the flourishing of life. Mithra works with other powers in the world (such as those which have particular functions) to ensure that those powers work for the best.


1) KRESTUS is the mentality or mental orientation which seeks to help each individual person and living being the best it can. Krestus is completely selfless and aligns its will completely with the ASHURA or right-seeking power.

2) ARIUS is the mentality that seeks to develop itself to its full potential. ARIUS is not self-denying like KRESTUS but seeks to develop its Self so that it is best aligned to the nature of the environment it lives in and has the capability and strength to pursue its will within it. Arius will struggle in life with those who are its equal in strength, but Arius has a noble character and will not trample over the weak in mindlessness or cruelty.

3) SATANUS seeks only its own advantage and pleasure. Satanus has no care for the well-being of others and will pursue its own desires and designs without heed for the suffering it causes.

SAINTLY TRINITY : Zoroaster / Jesus / George the Brave

These three saints are recommended for the highest veneration. The Fravashi or Generating Spirit (Genius) of these three people have an especial importance.

1) Zoroaster represents the excellence of the mind. He is the supreme philosopher.

2) Jesus represents the excellence of the heart. He is free from all mental distortions that prevent the seeing of the true nature of life and he feels for all that is.

3) George the Brave (Saint George) represents the excellence of the body and of the emotions which drive the body into action. Saint George is a courageous warrior in the cause of righteousness.


Astronomical Ages are periods of time of roughly 2000 years which are named after the signs of the Zodiac. Just as we consider decades like the 60s, 70s and 80s have a particular 'spirit' to them, so it can be with Astronomical Ages.

The Age of Taurus the Bull was the Astronomical Age that immediately preceded the Mithraic or Mazdaic Era. Lasting roughly from 4000BC to 2000BC it was a time when Man had limited ability to travel long distances at speed. People had to gain the necessities of life from the area they lived which meant that they lived in small bands and villages spread out across the earth rather than concentrated into cities. The leaders of the villages would know the other inhabitants personally which limited the degree that they might try and exploit them.

However it seems that the Age of Taurus came to and end when the Indo-Iranians of the steppes mastered the use of the horse for riding or pulling chariots and became able to travel further much faster. Now it was possible for warrior bands to travel to one remote village after another and plunder it for food and goods. This was much easier than working.

The childhood of Mankind came to an end with the end of the Age of Taurus and the two following Ages of Aries the Ram and Pisces the Fish represent the Youth of Mankind as He struggled with the consequences.

Today however we are entering the Age of Aquarius which is an Age where all natural limitations to Man's activity have fallen away and He has complete freedom to fashion the material world to his design.

Marcus Zartianus
June 4017 ME