What is Mithraism about?

What is Mithraism about?

Mithraism starts with the duality of Good and Bad. Most fundamentally as living beings we can have a good life or a bad one.

A good life is not necessarily one without any challenges or difficulties to overcome, but in a good life these challenges are suited to us, with effort we overcome them, and grow and get satisfaction from them. In a bad life we have obstacles that prevent us growing, prevent us living, disrupt the integrity of our body, our mind and make us ill.

Mithras is the ultimate good God. In Zartomithraism (previously 'Mitravism') we call him Mithras Chrestus, Mithras the Good One. Mithras wants to create the best world possible, a paradise where there is a maximum of good life.

Mithras, however, doesn't act independently of human beings, rather he acts through human beings.

One of Mithras's strategies is to appear to us as the ideal person, one who is free of illusion, plugged into reality, in touch with the spirit, supremely wise. Someone who is filled with a spirit of concern and desire to help others, and who has the health and strength needed to make an impact.

The world most needs people such as this, people who are like Mithras.

Yet Mithras recognises that it is hard for people to become like him, and indeed it is not realistic to expect that everybody can do so.

However those who have at least something of Mithras within them can help the others who do not. They can create a good order of life which works for everybody. An order of life which gives opportunity for self-expression and advancement, brings people into fruitful interaction with each other, and prevents a few from spoiling life for the rest. An order of life which perpetuates itself, by materially and culturally reproducing itself and keeping Mithras in his position as the good lord.

So Mithraism is this dual project. Firstly a project to become more like Mithras - wiser, more desirous, and more capable to work for the Good. Secondly a project to make the world a better place, by influencing its systems and activities that they work better for those who are living a life on this earth.

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