Spring festival of Novalux

I recommend Western Mithraists celebrate Novalux ("New Light") as a Spring Festival on the spring equinox or 21st March , as the Persians are celebrating Nowruz at the same time.

Many modern western pagans already celebrate the spring equinox under the name of Ostara.

Ostara is firstly the goddess of the dawn - she brings the 'new light' of the day. Ostara is cognate to Anglo-Saxon Eostre, Greek Eos and Indian Ushas.

In the same vein Ostara is also goddess of the spring, especially at the time of the spring equinox, when light triumphs over the darkness of the winter, as the daily hours of daylight equals (and soon will exceed) the hours of nighttime darkness.

Mithra is of course also a bringer of light, and at Novalux we celebrate Mithra in female form as Mithrana . Ostara in fact is just a face of Mithrana.

With 'New Light' comes 'New Life' and at Novalux we celebrate the coming of new life in all it forms.

MZ , Feb 4017