Ten Mithraic Gods

I think modern Western Mithraism should have its own official pantheon of gods. Of course some Mithraists will have different ideas for what the gods should be, or want to acknowledge their traditional ethnic gods, or else be more monotheistic or humanistic in orientation and not be interested in gods at all. Nevertheless I think there is a benefit in having a set of gods that most Western Mithraists recognise. This is my suggestion at the moment:

1. ZURVAN - The ultimate source of everything, the initiator of time and space, the ground of being.

2. ENTUS - The world-being. All the activity of existence seen as a single being.

3. MAZDA - The wisdom-power. The world-mind working to discover what are good actions to take to increase well-being, and putting that knowledge into action.

4. ARKUS - The ruling-power. That activity of the world-being, which shapes the future course of things.

5. ASHURA - The right-seeking power. That activity of the world-being which seeks to create ARTA , the well-ordered pattern of life that maximizes well-being.

6. VAIUS - The stimulating power. Vaius 'blows' on souls, and minds , giving them energy that enables them to do work.

7. VICTOR - The conquering power. Victor breaks through the resistance of existing patterns of life, and enables change to the order of things.

8. ANITA - The nourishing power. Anita provides what is needed for life to survive, grow and heal from damage.

9&10. MITHRAS & MITHRANA - Mithras, along with his sister Mithrana, are the gods who are most concerned for our individual welfare, and our good behaviour. Mithras and Mithrana are Friend, Guide, Helper, Teacher and Good Parent to us.

MZ, July 4018