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The Mitratela are the ends, aims or goals of the Mitra.

There are three classes of Tela - the Tela Ultima, the Tela Media and the Tela Ethica.

Tela Ultima

These are the Ultimate Ends.

The Monotelum - the one ultimate goal is:
  • Huangia - Good Existence

The Tritela - the three ultimate goals (or the three ways of making sense of the one ultimate goal) are:
  • Eudemonia - loosely 'happiness' (an attribute of an individual)

  • Thalia - flourishing (an attribute of people and beings in association)

  • Eutopia - good place (what is outside of people but interacting with them)

Tela Media

These are the 'Intermediate Goals' - i.e. a class of goals that lie in between the ethical goals which should drive our immediate action, and the ultimate goals.

Currently there is just one goal recognised in this class which is either written as Huksatra or as Eutaxis. These words have slightly different connotations but refer to the same thing.

  • Huksatra - Good Rule
This is the Good Regulation of Activity so that Best Order of Activity is obtained. The Good Rule is also the Ideal Rule - the most desirable order of things that provides the most satisfactory way of life.

  • Eutaxis - Good Order
The word Taxis means the arrangement of things or the order of things or the constitution of things. This is not the total momentary state of existence but rather the underlying order that tends to persist through time.

So Eutaxis is the 'Good Order' or the 'Good Constitution'. When thinking globally or nationally we might say the Good World Order, the Good Social Order, the Good Political Order, the Good Economic Order, the Good Ecological Order etc.

Tela Ethica

These are the ethical goals.

The Monocalx (one goal) is:
  • Rectio - Righteousness - doing the right thing at the right time in the right place

The Dicalces (two goals) are:
  • Humanah - Good Mind

  • Eudrata - loosely 'Good Deeds'. Drata refers to all our actions and influence on the outside world, whether this is deliberate and conscious or otherwise

The most traditional version of the Tricalces (three goals) is:
  • Humata - Good Thoughts

  • Hukhta - Good Words

  • Huvarshta - Good Deeds

An alternative version of the Tricalces (three goals) is:
  • Humanitas - Humanity, Good Mindedness

  • Potentia - Potency, capability, strength

  • Beneligio - Beneligion, good connection (especially in social sense)

A third version of the Tricalces (three goals) is:
  • Humanitas - Humanity - Good Mindedness

  • Pietas - Piety - Good values and ethical behaviour

  • Huksatra - Good Dominion - good rule and good order of society and the world activity