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The Trigemmae consists of three elements - Mitra , Mazda and Zartus.


Mitra is the connecting power - what connects us to Ashura and knowledge of Vaius.

Mitra connects us to reality as individuals, and also connects different people together in solidarity.

Mitra is the power that acts upon us as human beings to change us so that we become harmonized with the Ashura and thus humane and effective agents of influence in the world.

It is Mitra which can transform us so that we become more understanding, more attuned to reality, more dedicated to work for what is right.

It is Mitra who helps us to connect with each other, become more understanding and trusting of each other, more able to collaborate with and support each other.

Mitra is not really like a human person, but Mitra can appear to us in the guise of a person so that we can grasp its nature better.

Mitra is not a name for the Universal Spiritual Guide (or Ratus), but is one particular guide with a specific nature and history in the world. Thus whether Mitra helps any person depends on whether that person chooses to engage with it.


Mazda is Wisdom.

Mazda is the power in the world which seeks to shape the world in ways that produce good results. It is the power which creates something new out of smaller elements, the power which transforms one thing into another thing.

Mazda depends on the law of Asha, for every act of creation must accord with the law of right-connection. However Mazda is more than simple knowledge of the law, but encompasses the knowledge of techniques which can create.


Zartus is the philosopher, teacher and prophet Zarathustra.