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The Zurvanotria consists of three elements - Zurvan , Ashura and Vaius.


Zurvan is the ultimate foundation of our world of Space and Time.

Zurvan is the ultimate creator and sustainer of the world we live in. However Zurvan allows the life of the world a freedom to act and to take the consequences of their actions whether good or bad without interfering.

Zurvan is usually regarded as morally neutral as Zurvan enables both the joys and pleasures of life and its pain and distress.


Ashura is the righteous lord - the cosmic right-governing power.

Ashura causes things to move in accordance with the Artus or Natural Law so that world approaches a state of Artia or Asha (Rightness) and the greatest benefit is achieved and life flourishes (Spentia).

Ashura is co-substantial with Mazda - i.e. wherever exists the right-governing power also exists the cosmic wisdom which guides it.


Vaius is the motivating power in the world.

Vaius is the stimulator of everything that happens whether good or bad. Vaius is the force that causes movement and activity. Vaius is the Wind that blows through the world moving its parts and creating its character.

Vaius is a cause of momentum, and thus the cause of change in momentum of that which is currently in existence.

Vaius can be likened to the 'wind-god' for Vaius is like the being that blows and cause the winds (Vata) of world-activity.

Vaius can take the epithet Omnipater or All-Father for everything is generated by Vaius.