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Heptaprofetes - the Seven Prophets

The seven prophets of Mithraism are:
  1. Zartus Rectus - Zarathustra the Righteous

  2. Socrates Soficus - Socrates the Wise

  3. Gautamus Bodicus - Gautama the Awakened

  4. Zeno Stoicus - Zeno the Stoic

  5. Jesus Chrestus - Jesus the Good

  6. Manius Gnosticus - Mani the Gnostic

  7. Ammonius Platonicus - Ammonius the Platonist

Approximate dates of the prophets are:
  1. Zartus Rectus - 1001ME (1000BC) (maybe later or earlier)

  2. Socrates Soficus - 1530ME (470-399BC)

  3. Gautamus Bodicus - 1440ME (563-483 B.C.) (some give later date)

  4. Zeno Stoicus - 1700ME (started teaching: 301BC)

  5. Jesus Chrestus - 2001ME (1CE)

  6. Manius Gnosticus - 2200ME (216-276)

  7. Ammonius Platonicus - 2200ME (c.200-265)

Note that Gautamus Bodicus either lived about the same time as Socrates or earlier. He is listed after Socrates because his influence didn't reach Europe until after the time of Socrates.

Mitravox Aetatis is the voice of the Mitra in the current age and could be considered an eighth teacher.