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What is Pagan Autonomism?

Pagan Autonomism is an ideological movement to create autonomous communities ('tribes').

Each tribe adopts or develops its own motivational culture ('religion') which could be based on a traditional pagan culture like that of the Scandinavians or Celts or could be a modern invention.

Pagan Autonomism is socialist in the sense that all members of the community are valued as ends in themselves and there is social solidarity between members so that individuals are willing to support the common good at the expense of their individual interests when it is is appropriate.

Also Pagan Autonomists promote a looser kind of solidarity among all Pagans world-wide (i.e. anybody trying to live autonomously who may just be called peasants or indigenous people in some countries. Even some christian groups are pagan in this sense).

Why be a Pagan Autonomist?

Some people are Pagan Autonomists because they can't find true satisfaction from a mainstream way of life characterised by social atomisation , disconnection and meaningless. They are looking for greater connection with other people and to the wider world.

Some people are Pagan Autonomists because they see something of the greater picture of the world beyond their daily horizon and are worried. Their focus may be on the course of environmental degradation, on increasing social strife and wars, on concentration of economic power, on increasing state authoritarianism. They are looking for a shelter from the ravages outside and they wish to be able to play a part in stemming the unwelcome changes and reversing them.