What is the purpose of life?

Life itself is purpose - that is the full-flourishing life is its own purpose and reward. But such a life has to be striven for.

What is your Worth?

What is your significance? What good impact are you having on the world? How much are you helping to make the world a better place? To what extent do your actions create the structures of the fully flourishing life?

Pagans strive to be worthy people - people who make a positive contribution to the well-being of their communities - and are mindful of their overall impact on the world as a whole - their cosmic worth.


What is Dirt?

Dirt is what gets in the way of the full flourishing of living beings.

Dirty water is not good to drink. Dirty food is not good to eat.

We can also talk of dirty actions. Dirty deeds are not wholesome. They cause harm.

Those who support dirty deeds have some of that dirt rub off on them. They themselves become unclean.

The products of dirty deeds are themselves dirty. If we take the dirty produce then we are dirtying ourselves.


Pagans strive for cleanliness - for taking in what is clean - unsullied by contaminants - physical or moral. That way they support their own good health and the good health of the world around them.


Our roots are our connections into the processes of the world.

Pagans strive for awareness of their rootedness.

They are aware of their place in the world , the impact they have on the natural world and the impact the natural world has on them, the impact they have on future generations and the impact that past generations have had on them, the impact they have on their immediate family and community and the impact their immediate community has on them, their impact on the wider human community living on this planet and the impact of the wider community on them.